Book Of The Month: The Girl On The Train

Welcome to the first post of Book Of The Month!
As one of my new years resolutions was to read at least a book a month, I decided I would make it into a monthly blog post for you all. So I made sure I started off this series with a banger!!

Yes, The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins.
I was desperate to read this book for ages after both my Mum and Dad raved about it (I understand why!) and now I am desperate to watch the film of it.
As soon as I started reading this I was completely hooked, I absolutely love a tense thriller and I knew this was going to soon be one of my favourites.

About the story and of course I won’t give anything away! It does start off quite slow however I didn’t find the start of it boring as they way it was wrote set the scene perfectly whilst still being quite gripping. Then when it gets into things, I couldn’t stop myself from reading, I was completely hooked and I zoned out from the world.
When I read it, I really felt like I was in the actual situation as it was wrote so well and I could picture the exact scene in my head. I really felt like I was in their shoes!


The main story line is about this young women (Rachel) who is an alcoholic who takes the same train everyday. On her journey the train stops at the same stop everyday and she gets to see the back of these houses where she starts feeling like she knows them and are part of their lives.

Until one day she see’s something shocking that makes a great impact on Rachel’s life…

I love the way it was wrote as well because each chapter would be wrote in a different character for example the first couple of chapters was Rachel’s view (main character) and then I would swap to Megan or Anna (both two other main characters). This made it really interesting to read and you got to see others peoples perspectives.

I really felt like I knew the characters in the book, which I think shows how well it was wrote. I could fully picture the setting and the people which I haven’t experienced in ages with a book so I am completely in love with this book! I will definitely be reading it again!

One thing that I also loved is that it was so unpredictable. I always read thriller books and most of the time can take a good guess of how it will turn out but with this I had no clue whatsoever! 
 I always know it is a good book when I cannot predict the ending however it can’t have too much of a twist so the whole book doesn’t add up (if you get me). So this was a perfect thriller in my opinion.

Also if you are going to read this, do not watch the trailer before hand as it tells you quite a bit about the main story which you don’t get from the start of the book. I made this mistake as I felt like watching the trailer whilst I was reading the book, so I knew what was going to happen however I still fully enjoyed the book and was racing to get to some tense drama!

Have you ever read this book or will you be reading it soon?
Kate Xx

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