My Maybelline Favourites

Most of my makeup is from the drugstore and I absolutely love Maybelline makeup. So I narrowed down my favourite Maybelline makeup products for this post.

Master Sculpt;
I’ve been eyeing this up for ages as I’ve seen so many people using it and loving it so I did really want to try it. Luckily I got it for Christmas and I have been loving it! I got it in the shade light/medium which is the perfect shade for me.
In the product you get a contour and highlight powder and then a brush and mirror in the below section. I love the contour shade as it’s super blendable and is perfect just to get a little bit of shape to your face. Also I did think it would be quite shimmery before I used it but it’s not which I was relived about!
Also under the section with the powder there is a mirror and a small brush. I didn’t realise it had this and I was so happy to find it! I love the brush and I do actually use it to apply the contour shade. It’s a small flat contour brush and it’s so easy to use as it’s not dense.

Color Tattoo Eyeshadow- ‘Pink Gold‘;
I own two other Color Tattoo’s and I absolutely love the formula of them. This is the most recent one I have got and I’m obsessed with colour. It is a gorgeous pink colour and has a gold undertone which gives such a nice shimmer. I have been loving pink shades recently as well, as they look so nice for autumn and winter whilst they also look so pretty in summer time so I will get so much use out of this!
I would definitely recommended these eyeshadows as they last for so long and are super easy to apply. Also if you find you have to do your makeup quite quickly then these are what you need as you can wear them on their own and they’re so quick to apply.

Color Sensational Nudes Lipstick ‘Pink Fling’;
I have never tried one of these styles of Maybelline lipsticks but I have been so impressed by it. First off I love the packaging, as it has a sheer dusty rose lid which for some reason I love!!
The colour looks like the perfect pinky nude for me and it looks just as nice on the lips. This is my perfect shade and it’s not as pink as I thought it would have been which i’m glad of!
The formula of the lipstick is so nice on the lips. I love wearing a lipstick that feels like a balm on which this is. It’s so comfy on the lips and doesn’t go all weird if I re-apply it throughout the day.

Lash Sensation Mascara;
Of course, how could I not include this?!?
If any of you haven’t tried this mascara, then I send my deepest apologies to your lashes. This mascara is just insane. It lengths and volumises my lashes and lasts all day long. The brush is amazing as well! It has a curved applicator which is perfect for getting full coverage on all of your lashes and I do notice that it volumises my lashes so much more than a usual wand as it gets right into the roots of my eyelashes.
Also for the price of £7.99 it’s so worth it especially if you compare it to other drugstore mascaras.
I cannot fault this mascara and will be a life-long beauty favourite!!

What is your favourite Maybelline product?
Kate Xx

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