Styling The Spotty Trousers

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You may have read my recent post on how I’m trying to be ethical in my fashion choices. So here is me wearing my new trousers from Asos, a key brand contributing to fast fashion!! (woohoo go me)! I am trying to make a positive impact but I’m so far struggling to stay away from my high-street favourites. And with the new brand ‘Collusion’ hitting ASOS, I couldn’t help myself. However my new rule is to buy less, wear more. So I feel a little less guilty…
My Dad also took these pics so thanks John, a true legend…

These trousers are the Collusion Spot Print Trousers. I’d seen Collusion on social media a lot so only went for a little browse to see the style of everything. I had no intention of buying anything however I have zero self control and here we are. These trousers caught my eye straight away as I love the spotty print on them. The print is like an unorganised polka dot print. I love a bold print however these trousers are super easy to style and wear as they’re black and white.
From online I thought they would be quite structured however they literally feel like pj’s. They have a super loose fit, the only place where they are tight against my body is at the waist. Which I love as I’ve formed a deep hate for tight trousers!

I wanted a simple outfit so just paired the spots with my Red Oversized Sweater from Pretty Little Thing. I love the red against the black and white. A super simple and easy outfit to throw on however I love my bold colours so it floats my boat!
I also paired my simple black chain bum bag with this outfit and wore it cross body. It’s super simple and my favourite thing from Pull&Bear! And of course on my feet are my trusty One Star Converse. These are my favourite shoes, they’re pretty basic so are perfect to throw on.

I wore my layered gold necklaces from H&M which are gold coins and a simple chain. I’m slowly becoming a gold jewellery person. And layering necklaces looks so gorgeous on! My jewellery addiction is becoming worse at the moment. You can never have too much jewellery and I need so much more!

Kate Xx

Thoughts On Ethical Fashion

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Hey gals, this post is slightly different to my usual posts. But I’m feeling motivated to make a positive impact on the fashion industry and really wanted to write some posts on it over here.
I have definitely been slacking on the blog posts as I want to make my blog primarily fashion so I was struggling to get good content. As I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity. However I never really write posts talking about fashion issues or general chatty fashion posts. So that’s what I’ve decided I’d like to include more of.
I’ve decided to become more ethical in my fashion choices which I’ll get onto later. But I thought I’d make a little ‘series’ if you like, on my blog. I’ve realised how important it is and I don’t make any thoughtful choices when it comes to my clothes now. So I thought I’d track how I’m becoming more ethical over on here. Basically come read about my journey on going ethical. (Have never been good at getting my point across…)

All this passion towards becoming more ethical has spiralled from watching Stacey Dooley’s documentary on a BBC channel the other day. (It’s still currently on Iplayer so I would 100% recommend watching it, if you haven’t already). First of all, I just bloody love Stacey. She’s so cool and I adore her style and her earrings. And she’s my personal fave on Strictly this year so I would just love to be her right now. But anyway, I’m here to talk about being ethical not my WCW.
On the show, it showed the horrendous consequences of the fashion industry and really shocked me. Fast fashion is a huge problem and we live in a world where people are selfish and just throw away clothes. And I’m sure we all buy clothes for the sake of it, I can hold my hand up high for that. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world which is so shocking as we are causing it by our desire to keep up with the trends.
I always thought cotton was fabulous. With it being a natural fibre and being sustainable however it turns out you can’t trust any fibre these days. Cotton uses a RIDICULOUS amount of water  and pesticides. And cotton is actually the most catastrophic.

At the end of the day, is wearing the same outfit again okay? Is living in the same pair of jeans perfectly fine? Will you still be liked if you don’t jump on the new trend that will probably last for a month? The answer to all them questions is the same answer you get to the question ‘is Harry Styles the best human in the world?’.
YES!!! Fast fashion is such a problem that I’m now going to try my best to be conscious of and stop buying clothes for the sake of it.

When it comes to changing to help a certain issue or trying to raise awareness and make a change, I feel like many people don’t because they don’t think they’ll make a difference. But I feel like that’s not the right attitude. Yes obviously by me not shopping in Primark anymore doesn’t mean Primark will have to close down due to a decrease in sales. But I know it will make me feel better in myself and at the end of the day little actions do overall help. And if everyone does their little bit to help then it does build up.

I’m not an ethical shopper. I’m not that bad but I shop freely, with my only criteria for the clothes I buy to look nice. I do buy some clothes for the sake of it but I checked my wardrobe literally 3 minutes ago and I only have a couple of tops that I’ve never worn before. I do also buy and wear lots of second hand clothes which I guess is good. Depop has my heart and I’ve found some steals from my local charity shops. My mum’s wardrobe has also been coming in handy recently. I found a cute floral dress in there and bag the other day which now have a new owner, sorry mum…!

I’m really focused to become more conscious of my choices when it comes to buying clothes in the future. So I thought I’d start posting on here of my ways of becoming more ethical. Because before this I haven’t really made any decisions based on how ethical the garments I’m buying are. And the only blogger I follow who I religiously read her ethical content is Eleanor Claudie. (If you don’t read her blog and follow her then you need to do so!!) So I thought I’d start sharing posts about my favourite ethical bloggers and where I’m shopping.

Being honest I don’t think I’ll be able to become completely ethical in what I purchase. I still love my highstreet stores and I think it will take a long time for me to move away from them. However I know I can reduce my spending and wear my clothes more!

If anyone has any tips or wants to talk ethical then leave a comment or find me on my socials!
(Why talk dirty when you can talk ethical?) yep I’m going…

Kate Xx

Bringing Out The Autumn Knit

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 I swear I open every single blog post with ‘long time no see’. But to say that again would be correct. I apologise for not posting, my talent is being unorganised and lazy. I’m back at school now which is truly riveting… I’m thinking of maybe posting some easy sixth form looks on here but then got scared that people from school would judge me. (As we can see, being in school makes me overthink everything. However in terms of mental health I’m doing good. But that’s more for another day.)
But instead of me rambling on giving a life update. I’m here to share my new favourite jumper with you lovely bunch. Because clothes are the most important thing! My sister also took some of these pics on my film camera too and I’m actually quite pleased with how they look. Not the best focus but hey ho, least it makes my face a bit blurrier…!

You may recognise the jumper I’m wearing if you saw it on my twitter. (Follow me over @luxekate or I’ll come for you whilst you’re sleeping xo). As I put a poll on there whether or not the jumper was worth buying. My indecisive arse can’t decide by itself. (And yes most of the time I put polls on so I have an excuse to buy something.) The majority of votes was yes which I’m very pleased about as I’m IN LOVE with this jumper. I get slight grandma vibes from it, my Nan did say she was a big fan of it which I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say that to me before..!

This beauty of a jumper is from Urban Outfitters (shop here) and was a bargain for me. It’s sold for £48 but I bought for £30 as I had a £10 off voucher, student discount and the remains of a gift card. Which I was pretty chuffed with as I’ve been very good at spending too much money recently… It’s primarily a mustard knitted jumper but there is many colours knitted in as well. And I’m just so obsessed. It’s fab quality and so warm and I shall literally be living in this.

I paired my knitted jumper of dreams with my Topshop White Wide Leg jeans. I adore the shape and fit of these jeans. The waist is tight fitting and then the legs are a wide fit. I love how they aren’t tight fitting on the legs but still have fabulous shape. And I love the white against the jumper. I’m slowly becoming to prefer my white jeans over my blue. Although I’m such a clumsy idiot so I’m sure it won’t be long until I have spilt something on these jeans by the next time I wear them. (If you want to see more of these jeans then you can see how I styled them here.)
And of course I wore my black belt with a chunky gold buckle which is my mums from the 80’s. My all time fave belt. I will literally pass this onto my children because it is the best belt to exist. My family heirloom shall be a belt…

And as usual I wore my Old Skool Vans and my fave Guess One Shoulder Rucksack. (I give this bag a different name every time I mention it). This Guess bag is such a staple for me. It was my mums from many many years ago, just like the belt. She gave me this Guess bag years ago when I used to like to dress up as a child. But I would never dream of wearing it out because I thought it was a weird bag. Now I can’t take it off!! It’s actually super practical as well as it fits my camera in unlike my other bags!

I’m so in love with this outfit. Super simple I know but sometimes less is more! And I shall be back with some more fashion posts. I’m feeling inspired at the moment and really want to do some cools things. So look out for that.

Kate Xx

Feminist Tee & Boyfriend Jeans

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It’s finally September so I can finally smile because autumn is my favourite time of the year! Never been a fan of summer. I’m all about the turtlenecks and knits. And I love sleeping with socks on so bring on the cold weather.
This outfit in today’s post also looks really boring the more I look at it. I think it’s because I’m used to wearing something with a bright colour. However now it’s getting into autumn, I’m ready to dress in neutral colours. Or shall I say ‘autumnal’. (Everyone seems to hate that word but I probably end up saying it 10 times a day in autumn so you’ve been warned…).

It was a little bit chilly when I wore this. It was the middle of August but I felt like being warm. (Most times if I plan an outfit I won’t change if it’s bad weather. Stubborn is my middle name…) And I didn’t have the perfect jacket so opted to layer my tops. I’m wearing this fabulous ‘Feminist’ slogan t-shirt from Bershka. Which is from their ‘Join Life’ collection. This means that it’s made from ecologically grown cotton so is a great perk for the environment. I bought this on my hols and my feminist self couldn’t not buy it.
It has a black and white square print of two faces on and the word ‘Feminist’ embroided over. It’s super cute and I’m a proud feminist so I love this tee. And I simply wore this over a black long sleeve top and tucked it into my jeans.

The jeans (wow Kate isn’t wearing a midi skirt!!) I’m wearing are from Reserved and I live in these. I think they’re a pair of their boyfriend style jeans. (The only thing I’ll ever have to do with a boyfriend…) But these are so ridiculously comfy. They are made from a polycotton blend which is why they’re so comfy because the polyester gives them a bit more stretch than 100% cotton. This also makes them super cheap. I think I bought them from a London store for £9. For a simple pair of jeans that make the perfect pair for everyday wear, it’s such a bargain.
I’d really recommend Reserved as a shop. I always forget to shop online their but it’s something that I’ll do more!

And I kept it simple with my thick black belt and my Guess black shoulder bag. And my One Star Converse. Do I ever wear anything else? No… Is this the perfect excuse to buy a new bag? I think so.

Kate Xx

Striped Skirt & a Graphic Tee

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It’s been a while since I’ve published an outfit post. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but I’m unorganised and lazy so it’s taken me a while… I have a couple of outfits planned though so hopefully I can upload some more content! And yes I’m back wearing another midi skirt, shocker.
And thanks to my bae Gabriella for taking these fab photos. She’s the best girl & top notch photographer. (And I’m quite frankly the worst person in the world to photograph.)

The skirt I’m wearing is an asymmetric midi skirt from River Island. Which is so super beaut! Midi skirts are now the only thing I wear. (Apart from my dad’s fleece because that’s my usual attire). I love the colours on this skirt as it’s super easy to style with a simple tee and accessories. The colours aren’t too bright but the skirt is quite bold itself. I like how the skirt is the main feature in the outfit. The skirt is made from satin as well which is so comfy and allows the skirt to flow.
This skirt was also the skirt that I traced to sew my own which you can see and read about here.

I paired the skirt with a graphic tee from Zara. It’s a plain white tee with a foiled silver metal print on with two hands. As well as small writing below that says ‘live with heart’. And I simply tied this at my waist to meet the skirt because it’s quite a long top.
I love a subtle t-shirt with a print on as it’s something more than just a plain tee however less than a bold t-shirt!

And of course I wear my typical shoes and bag because they’re my favourites and I’m too poor to buy more… But on my feet I’m wearing my One Star Converse which literally are so comfy. I will always swear by my Converse. And my usual Guess One Shoulder Rucksack, thank you to my mothers wardrobe. (I’m still yet to find the actual name of this style of rucksack so let a girl know if you have more of a brain than myself…).

Hope you enjoyed reading. This post was really short and I felt really weird writing it but hey ho. I shall hopefully be back sooner than later with some more fashion posts.

Kate Xx