Miss Sporty Foundation Stick Review

After seeing this foundation stick on Miss Sporty’s Instagram, I knew I had to try it!
I’ve never tried a foundation stick before so I was hoping this would give me a good experience of using one.

So I ordered mine of Superdrug for £3.99 (find it here) and came 3 days later which always impresses me with Superdrug.


When it first came, I loved the initial look of the packaging as it was a light pink colour with white writing. It’s super easy to twist up and down and is actually really light so in my opinion is perfect to travel with.
It was all going well until I twisted the whole stick of foundation up and realised how little there was of it. This was quite a surprise but I don’t actually seem to use that much when I use it so hopefully it should last for quite a long time.



The actual foundation itself was very impressive, as I didn’t have high hopes however I was amazed by how good it was. Applying it was really easy, it was so smooth and glided onto my face with ease. I think it’s perfect for times when you want to quickly whizz on your makeup or have a super natural look which can be done in a couple of minutes or less!

To blend it out I used my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and it blended like a dream. It didn’t needed any effort at all to blend, I just swirled my brush round my face and it was all blended perfectly. 

The shade I got was ‘Really Ivory’ and it matched my skin tone perfectly. With one layer it had given my skin a super natural and healthy look with a good amount of coverage. I did apply a second layer just to see how it turned out and it’s so buildable. The second layer just gave an extra bit of coverage to the redder areas on my face, whilst still looking so natural.
This foundation would be perfect for school and I think I might start using it on the days where I want to have a little bit of coverage.

Below is what my skin looked like after applying just the foundation. My skin is normally quite red especially on my cheeks so I’m really happy with the way it looks as it gives a good amount of coverage whilst looking like you aren’t wearing any makeup.

Overall I’m really impressed by this foundation stick and for £3.99 I would definitely recommend it. Although it doesn’t have the best coverage, it gives a really natural and healthy look perfect for any day. 

Will you be trying this soon?
Kate Xx

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