My Holy Grail Makeup Products

I’ve tried SO many makeup products and I will always re-purchase the products I love so I thought I would share my holy grail makeup products as you all need them in your collection! 
My favourite products range from cheap everyday products to products that are a bit more pricey but all of which I absolutely love!!

♡ Seventeen Define and Conquer;

I bought this quite a while ago and was in love with it and I went through a stage of not using it as much. But now I’ve fell back in love with it, I love the highlight shade the most but I also love the bronzer. The shades are both so creamy and blendable. I use the highlight shade to highlight my under eyes, cheekbones, forehead and nose which I love as because it’s a cream it gives such a natural look. 

♡ The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter;
This highlighter is so pretty and is so incredible. Although I found it pricey at the time as it was £18, it is so worth the money. The pigmentation of it is insane and looks stunning on the face. 

It’s quite a champagne shade and it’s not to glittery which I love as I hate highlighters which legit have pieces of glitter in! It’s also really buildable so is perfect so a subtle natural glow or a full on blinding glow.

♡ Rimmel Stay Matte Powder ‘Translucent 001’;

This is one product that will always be re-purchased after I use it up. I can’t imagine myself using a different powder as this Rimmel one is perfect in every way. It’s so affordable and lasts all day long.
I always use the translucent shade as it doesn’t cake up my face at all so keeps your makeup glowy whilst keeping it on for longer. Also this powder will last me the whole day, I never need to top up on powder throughout the day when I wear this.

Freedom Pro Eyebrow Kit Light/Medium;
Ever since I started to fill in my eyebrows, I have used this and I cannot fault it. It is only £3.50 which is such a bargain and Freedom’s quality is so good.
I mainly use the light brown shade as it looks so natural on my brows and is super easy to use.
I love using powder as it’s really buildable depending on what look you want. In the set you get 3 powders and 1 wax which I don’t really use but it does come in handy if you have a couple of hairs which just love to point in the completely wrong direction!

♡ Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara;

Shock horror!! I bet none of you thought I’d mention this one, jokes of course I would!! Seriously though, do I even need to mention how good this is, I’m sure most of you have used and loved this!! It absolutely transforms my lashes and I wouldn’t be living without it!!

♡ Maybelline Color Tattoo ‘On and On Bronze’;
Yet again, another classic but I rely on this eye shadow so much for when I’m in a rush or even when I have all the time in the world doing my makeup! The shade is the perfect shimmery bronze-y gold colour and couldn’t be easier to blend. I love all color tattoo’s but this one has to be my all time fave.

♡ Urban Decay Naked 3;

Ever since I got this palette, I have loved it so so much! It’s the perfect palette for me as it’s full of nude, natural shades and are so easy to use. There is a big range of shades going from light golds and nudes to more darker brown shades. The only thing that I would change is to have another matte shade as there is only one however the one that is there is incredible!
I cannot fault the formula of the eye shadows, they’re so creamy and couldn’t be easier to blend! You can create an eye look with barely any effort and is perfect for day to day wearing or a glam look.
Although it does seem a bit pricey, it’s definitely worth it as the quality is so good and it will last a life time!

♡ Mac Lipstick ‘Brave’;
I feel like so many people love this lipstick and I’m definitely included! This was my first ever Mac product and I was clueless that it was so loved. The shade is just gorgeous and goes so well with any skin tone.
Like all Mac lipsticks, I love the formula and this has a satin finish which I really like. It’s really creamy on which makes it super comfortable to wear.

♡ Mac Patent Polish Lip Pencil ‘It’s Really Me’;
This has to be my favourite all time lip product, which is quite a big statement coming from the lip product hoarder herself.
I do not know where to start!!
The formula of it is amazing, it’s unbelievably creamy on the lips and lasts for ages. It couldn’t be easier to apply and it seems to last for ages as I have worn mine so many times however it’s barely gone down!
The shade I have is the perfect nude with a slight pinky tone. This is my favourite shade ever of a lip product and suits me so well. If you’re ever wondering what I’m wearing on my lips, it’s probably this!
These definitely do not get as much hype as they should and I am desperate to get another shade.

What are some of your holy grail products?
Kate Xx

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