Hello everyone!
So today I thought as it is the last day of October, I thought it is the perfect time to do my October favourites! I cannot believe how fast it has gone however I am very excited that we are going into November as I have some excited stuff planned!

So first is my new coat which I absolutely L O V E! I have needed a new coat for ages but didn’t want to spend a lot so this H&M one was so perfect!It was £39.99 which I personally think is a bargain and a half! I got this in store as I couldn’t find it online however they have the black one online which is just as nice! But anyway on with the coat… 
I love the colour of it as it is not a bright khaki but it is the perfect subtle khaki which I love. Also the fur around the hood is the perfect amount as it doesn’t drown you but still isn’t too little, if you get what I mean! Also the pockets have a fur lining inside which is just to die for! Just this coat is my favourite thing ever at the moment! And there will be an outfit post with this in coming up so there will be some better photos of it coming, as the photos I took for this don’t really do it justice!

Also a snack I have loved this month is the Bear Raspberry Yo Yo. I have only recently tried these but I absolutely love them. It’s made completely by fruit and nothing added which I love as it’s so healthy. I love eating healthy as it makes me feel much better in myself and I think having a healthy is always a good alternative, although saying that I eat so much chocolate!! They are super affordable which is so good as for a tasty snack, it needs to be cheap! Also you can find them in lots of supermarkets which is great as it’s practical for on the go.
 I definitely want to try some more products from Bear, as I personally love healthy snacks and they are something little but are the perfect snack! Also I love the packaging of these and would for sure try them if you see them. 

Thirdly is a new lip product of mine which is a W7 Lip Liner in the shade ‘Nude Dude’. I have only used it once yet which was with my Autumn Smoky Eye but I think this will be used again for a perfect autumn look. I used it all over my lips and I was really impressed as it was so balmy and very comfortable to wear. It is a really nice nude but on the lips does look quite natural on. I love how it matches a smoky eye really well and is a tiny bit dark which makes it perfect for autumn! I also would love to find the perfect lip stick to match this as I love the colour and is the best autumn nude shade!
I know it will pair perfectly with a dark gloss and the quality really surprised my for W7!
Also I got this for only £1.99 which is such a good price and next time I come across them again I will be picking some more up for sure!

Next is a brush set I have been obsessed with! This is the Real techniques Sculpting Set. Seriously, everyone needs these brushes in their life! Like all Real Technique brushes they are amazing quality and cannot be faulted! I love each brush out of this collection and use them whenever I do my makeup! 
The sculpting brush is perfect for contour and is unbelievably soft! This is probably the softest brush I own. It is really dense which makes it perfect for applying bronzer. Even though I am not a heavy contour person, I still find this brush really easy and useful.
Next in the set is the fan brush which has been a brush I always find very aesthetically pleasing (don’t ask why?!) so since I got this I have loved it! Again it is so so soft and I love using it for defining my highlight. The bristles pick up the product really well and as it is really loose and flexible it makes it easy to apply.
Lastly in this set, is my personal favourite, the setting brush. I use this for highlight but it is also perfect for concealer. I cannot explain how much I love this brush! It packs on the highlight and yet again is so so so soft!!! It has the perfect density and could not be better for it’s role! It is definitely a key item in my makeup and I love it!

They are all my October Favourites and I love them all so much! I am sorry it is quite short but I wanted to publish it today so I made it work! I hope you all have enjoyed my Autumn week, I definitely have enjoyed it and even though it is over I will be back tomorrow for a weekly outfit post! I have enjoyed this a lot and I hope I can do a week in December or in January so you can looks forward to that!
Big thank you to all of you lovelies!
Kate Xx