Outfit Post: The Roll Neck

Happy Halloween everyone! 
So it’s another Monday which means another outfit post for you lovelies! I am absolutely love this outfit and I had such good fun taking the pictures so I hope you all enjoy them!

Starting off with the top, is is a plain dark grey, long-sleeved roll neck! I love the colour of this and it matched perfectly with my lip colour and hair! I felt so autumnal wearing this outfit and who doesn’t love that?
Yes another roll neck. And yes it is from Primark. Again. I’m sorry if you hate Primark but they have some of the best clothing in at the moment! I really went off Primark in the summer as I hate their summer range but I ADORE their autumn/winter stock!
So on with the top, it was only £5! And although it is quite a thin material it is so warm and cosy. I wore it all day and the neck was so comfy and I was so thankful for wearing as it was so cold!!

So I paired this top with my blue Topshop Joni Jeans and my black bomber jacket, as per usual. And also paired it with my favourite bag which is my shoulder bag from River Island! As well as my Nike Air Max Thea’s which are the comfiest things ever!
With my hair I braided it in two dutch braids which I think matched the top quite well and it keeps my hair out of my face when I’m out which is always useful!

So I really enjoyed this outfit and I hope you all enjoy the photos! I think I am going to start writing less and putting more pictures in, but saying that we all know I love to blab on so we will have to see haha! Thank you to all of my readers.
Kate Xx