Holiday Lookbook

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Hello my lovelies! I feel like I’ve been a bit MIA on the blogging front recently but I’m back and I’m trying to get my game up! But I have just came back from my holiday to Nice in France.
I had a nice time with the family, I’m a bit of a mess in the heat so I’m very thankful to be currently sat in my duvet with my fleece on. (My current attire of my dads fleece and my Minnie Mouse pants really make my dream job in the fashion industry look hopeful).

But anyways like I said I’m a mess on holiday. Which is why I planned to not post anything from my hols because my face has constant sweat beads on and my frizz and humidity are not friends. (And my photos from my film camera still need to be processed so I’ll probably just post them on Instagram). However I just thought I’d post a couple of photos and I’ll simply just link my outfits!
Also my holiday made me realise how the bloody hell does Vic from InTheFrow always look so gorgeous on her hols?! Round of applause for the people who can style their hair on their holidays in the heat. And if you touch any makeup then multiple pats on your back because I don’t know how…

First up is my favourite dress from Bershka. It was the ‘short strappy dress’ and I bought it in the sale for £7.99 which was a true steal! I don’t really wear dresses a lot but I love this one as it’s so comfy. And the multi-coloured stripes are perfect for the summer season. In this photo above as well, we can clearly see the big ass spot on my chin which came to say hello, the joys…
My shoes are from Zara as well which I lived in all holiday. They were also a steal in the sale, for only £20! They’re flatform sandals and have two straps with a gorg gold buckle on. I was doubtful towards how comfy they’d be but I was pleasantly surprised. They’re so comfortable and haven’t rubbed once.

This outfit above is super simple but a winner for the holiday attire. Just a simple white halter neck top, letting the back breathe is a blessing… And my sisters green floral skirt from Primark which was bought years ago but it’s still going strong! And my Zara sandals yet again on my feet!

Next up is some swimwear. I’m planning to post this next week about body confidence and a good ramble so I won’t say anything about body confidence and all that here. But I felt super good in this bikini from H&M. I bought it 3 days before holiday as I realised I didn’t have one oops! But H&M sale came to the rescue! And my hat is a tourist hat from New York which I don’t pull off to well but I burn like there is no tomorrow so had to protect my face! My natural skin is already red enough as it is…

My swimsuit from above is from New Look however I bought it off Asos! I love this cossie, the low back is perfect with the full-covered front. And it’s actually super comfortable. These photos are also on my instagram so go follow me @luxekate_ , shameless self promo.

Hope you enjoyed reading, sorry this post was a bit short! I’m going to try and get posting twice a week again as I haven’t been too good recently!

Kate Xx

Styling The Midi Skirt

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Hello my loves! I’m back today with an outfit post however slightly different today. Half of my outfit has been made by yours truly… I love sewing although I’m really not the best at it! And I’ve never ever worn anything I’ve made in public. So this was a first for me but I’m quite proud of myself so of course I had to share it on the blog!

I have been adoring midi skirts recently, I think they’re so stunning! My sister has this gorgeous one from River Island (shop here) however I’m trying to save so didn’t want to spend £30 on my own. After figuring out her skirt was made by only 4 different pieces, a waistband and straight stitches. I decided I would make my own. And it surprisingly worked which I really didn’t expect.

I despise making patterns so it took me a whole day and a lot of frustrated tears to draw the pattern. I made the pattern myself on grease-proof paper… Any normal person would buy pattern paper but I don’t have any so had to make do with sellotaping grease-proof paper together… I bought all the fabric for £3.15 from the scraps in a fabric shop, a £1.50 zip and £1 interfacing.  So a total of £5.75 was spent which is a total bargain and I really enjoyed sewing it.

The skirt itself is a striped asymmetric midi skirt. I made it from four different pieces that are all slightly different lengths. And the two smaller pieces having a horizontal stripe and the bigger two having a vertical stripe.  I love the shape of the skirt and it flows really nicely. There is a slit in the front where the two front pieces separate so lets the skirt flow. And this skirt makes you feel like a badass when walking although I’m sure I actually look a state. But a girl can dream. Now I’ve mastered the pattern I shall definitely be living in this, I’m sure I’ll have made it in every colour in a couple of months…

I styled the skirt with a simple black crop top from H&M. I tied it at the waist as having a loose top didn’t look too right with the fit of the skirt. As well as wearing my black bum bag from Bershka which is just a plain black bag but perfect to throw on. It reminds me of Bella Hadid wearing her Alexander Wang fanny pack however mines just the £12 version and I don’t pull it off as well as Bella…
On my feet, I’m wearing my One Star Converse. I love pairing the skirt with trainers. A perfect combination for a casual look. (I say this like I had another option but we all know that I live in these or my Vans…)

Hope you all enjoyed reading and I hope I’ll be back soon with something else I’ve made!

Kate Xx

The Summer Staple Denim Dress

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I’ve been loving the summer weather at the moment. I have already successfully burned myself as me being me put suncream on after I had been sunbathing. But I actually made it out of the house to spend the day in town with my sister. We went to the Double Fantasy, John & Yoko exhibition in the Museum of Liverpool which was amazing. I would definitely recommend if anyone is around as I found it so interesting and it’s been put together so well. But before I go off on one about John Lennon, I loved my outfit so though I would share with you all.

I’d been on the hunt for a staple denim dress and found this beauty from Urban Outfitters. It’s their ‘denim button-through pinafore dress‘ and I’m in love with it. It’s a simple dress but you can really dress it up or down. I wore it simply on it’s own as I find it’s one of them things that does enough on it’s own! But wearing a top underneath works really well as well so perfect for the colder days!
The fit of the dress is gorgeous as well. It’s not too short either as it passes the fingertip rule so I feel really comfortable in it. I did have the get a medium as the small was too tight on my boobs. This makes the waist a bit looser but it the heat the looser fit is much more comfortable. It came to £45 to buy with my student discount which I think is an alright price as it is amazing quality and will definitely last me for a long time!

To add a pop of colour I wore my Yellow Cross-body from Zara with the detailed strap. I love the yellow against the denim dress. And when wearing the dress on it’s own, I love to add a contrasting colour to give more detail in your outfit.
(And if you’re ever wearing a plain bag and need a bit of colour then tie a scarf that suits your outfit on your bag! Something that jazzes up your outfit so easily.)

On my feet I had the debate of wearing sandals or my Converse. However I stuck with my trusty One Star Pinstripe Converse. These shoes are my favourites, they’re a simple white trainer with a star on each side with small blue and red pinstripe detailing. I couldn’t seem to find them online but I bought them for £45 at the time which is such a reasonable price for good quality shoes.

To finish the outfit off, I paired it with gold jewellery. As I love a gold necklace with the denim. So of course I wore my beautiful gold necklace from Foaki. I absolutely adore this necklace, it’s a gold medallion necklace and is so beautiful. And is the perfect length to fill the neckline of the dress. And although you can’t see my earrings, I wore my small Engraved Gold Hoops from Topshop. I love these earrings, they’re small but quite thick so still make a subtle statement on your ear.

I shall definitely be living in this dress so I’m sure you’ll all see it again. As I seem to just live in the same couple of outfits on repeat! Hope you all enjoyed reading!

Kate Xx