Styling The Spotty Trousers

You may have read my recent post on how I’m trying to be ethical in my fashion choices. So here is me wearing my new trousers from Asos, a key brand contributing to fast fashion!! (woohoo go me)! I am trying to make a positive impact but I’m so far struggling to stay away fromContinue reading “Styling The Spotty Trousers”

Thoughts On Ethical Fashion

Hey gals, this post is slightly different to my usual posts. But I’m feeling motivated to make a positive impact on the fashion industry and really wanted to write some posts on it over here. I have definitely been slacking on the blog posts as I want to make my blog primarily fashion so IContinue reading “Thoughts On Ethical Fashion”

Bringing Out The Autumn Knit

 I swear I open every single blog post with ‘long time no see’. But to say that again would be correct. I apologise for not posting, my talent is being unorganised and lazy. I’m back at school now which is truly riveting… I’m thinking of maybe posting some easy sixth form looks on here butContinue reading “Bringing Out The Autumn Knit”

Feminist Tee & Boyfriend Jeans

It’s finally September so I can finally smile because autumn is my favourite time of the year! Never been a fan of summer. I’m all about the turtlenecks and knits. And I love sleeping with socks on so bring on the cold weather. This outfit in today’s post also looks really boring the more IContinue reading “Feminist Tee & Boyfriend Jeans”

Striped Skirt & a Graphic Tee

It’s been a while since I’ve published an outfit post. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but I’m unorganised and lazy so it’s taken me a while… I have a couple of outfits planned though so hopefully I can upload some more content! And yes I’m back wearing another midi skirt, shocker.Continue reading “Striped Skirt & a Graphic Tee”