Testing Primark Eyeshadow – Peach Palette

Primark Peach Eyeshadow Palette
Primark Peach Eyeshadow Palette
Primark Peach Eyeshadow Palette
Primark Peach Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve never tried makeup from Primark before as it never really interested me and I doubted the quality however I saw the youtuber Emily Canham using this Primark palette in one of her videos and I loved the look of the shades in it so I picked it up when I was in Primark to test it out!
I bought the Peach palette as I loved the look of the pinks and golds it had in and the palette was £2.50 for 9 shades where there is a mixture of shimmers and mattes and I’ve been super impressed with it!

♡ Formula;
The formula of all the nine shadow in this palette are smooth and silky which makes them feel high quality. The shades don’t have much kick back at all expect for the shade right in the middle which does have a little bit more than the rest. I find that they blend so easily and feel super high quality as they blend so well and you wouldn’t tell them apart from higher quality shadows when applied.  I don’t find that there is fallout when applying except for the middle gold shade on the bottom row which has a bit however I do pack it on when I apply it!
And the thing that surprised me the most about this palette was how pigmented all the shades are as I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched all the shades. The bottom row is definitely the most pigmented (which are the three shades I swatched on my arm) as the gold shade in the middle on the bottom row is incredible! It’s so pigmented and I with one swatch it can keep on going for ages and I find it has so much more pigment than the like of other shadows from most drugstore brands.

The palette consists of nine shades which is made up of mattes and shimmers and there is four shimmers, two of which are much more shimmery than the other two and then the rest are mattes. There is three pink matte shades and two nude/brown mattes as well as two pink shimmers and two gold so there is the perfect mix of shades in the palette to create many eye looks.
I love the dark brown with a slight red tone to it (shade in the bottom left corner) as it’s a warm shade perfect for autumn and blends like a dream. It’s super pigmented but when blended out it looses a bit of the red tone and looks a bit more of a warm brown but I still love the shade and it’s looks great when packed onto the eye!

I’ve really enjoyed using this palette so far and I know I’ve got it coming up in some autumn eye looks so that’s why I haven’t included any in this post! And for £2.50 this is such good quality and makes me want to test some more Primark products out although I’m trying to buy less from Primark…

Have you ever tried any of Primark’s makeup?
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