The Wide Leg White Jeans

Hello my loves, hope you’re all doing well! I haven’t posted a fashion post in absolutely ages. So I’ve been excited to post a long awaited outfit. I’ve been pretty useless on the blogging front but I’m trying to get back into the swing of it.
And big shoutout to my girl Gabriella for taking these pictures! She’s absolutely fabulous however I can’t say the same for my double chins…

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I’m wearing these White Wide Leg Crop Jeans which I bought from Topshop. I adore the style and fit of these jeans. I was a bit unsure as I’m not used to a wide-fit pair of jeans but after I wore these once, I knew they were perfect. I’m not the biggest fan of tight fitting jeans now as I feel very self-conscious and I don’t think they’re really ‘me’. (Plus the fact my old pairs don’t fit so well due to me gaining weight… just a slight problem). So these are perfect as the tight waist area gives shape. And the cropped wide leg style gives shape which I think is super flattering on your legs.
Topshop have really pulled it out of the bag with these jeans and they’re my new favourites. And I love the white denim so so much! They’re really easy to style and perfectly suited for summer. However I’m so clumsy so it will be real achievement if I don’t end up spilling something on them.

And I wore my thick black belt with the jeans. I have no clue where it’s from as it’s my Mum’s from the 90’s… Most of my belts are quite thin but I’ve been living in this thicker belt recently. Even better when it’s free out of your mums wardrobe!

With the jeans, I simply tied my t-shirt at the waist. I actually bought this on Depop because I love Depop and everything tempts me over there. It’s just a simple light yellow and white striped t-shirt with ‘cafe’ embroidered onto the front. It’s originally from the Skateboard Cafe, never heard of it before but the top had stripes on so I was sold. Can’t go wrong with a striped top can you?! (No you can not).
(And I actually do own a skateboard before you all come at me…).

My Guess rucksack is also my Mums from way back in the day! I love this bag so much! The one shoulder style is so easy to wear and is the perfect size. I don’t often wear rucksacks because to be perfectly honest they make my back too sweaty in the heat. So this is the perfect alternative!
And of course I wore my Old Skool Vans because I truly live in these! And they’re perfectly paired with the jeans.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and I shall hopefully return soon with some more content. Because I need to step up my game! And apologies if I over-used the word ‘perfect’ in this post, genuinely feel like it’s the only word in my brain right now…

Kate Xx