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I’ve been doing quite well recently when it comes to buying makeup as I’m trying to save my money and only buying things if they’re necessary (which is hard for a shopaholic like myself!). But I’ve had some new products recently that I’ve been loving so thought I’d share! Also some of these products are what I bought at the British Style Collective (read my post here) which is why I got them cheaper as they’re on offer there!

♡ Spectrum A02 Brush;
I absolutely love Spectrum brushes as they’re such good quality and look so gorgeous. I bought this flat angled foundation brush (A02) in the rose gold shade which is such a gorgeous colour. I mainly use this for blending out my foundation as it works so well as the brush is dense but not too dense so has the perfect amount of movement between the bristles. I cannot stress enough how good quality Spectrum brushes are, I can literally just sit there swirling this brush around my face as it’s so soft! This brush has sort of replaced my Real Techniques Buffing Brush as it’s much better quality and I definitely think it blends my makeup out much more flawlessly. I bought this for £5 however it’s normally sold at £8.99 which is so good for such a high quality brush.  

♡ Helen E Glitter Pigments;
I was desperate to get my hands on these after seeing NikkieTutorials love them and they had an offer on at the stall I bought them from which as 4 pigments for £10. I got shades ‘Rose Gold’, ‘Prosecco’ , ‘White Disco’ and ‘Sand ‘ which I’m not going to go into shades that much as I’m going to be mentioning them more with some different posts but they’re all gorgeous shades. However these pigments are so incredibly good and I’ve been so impressed. They’re so pigmented and look gorgeous on the eye, not to mention how easy they are to apply. The colour range that Helen E have is so varied and I felt so spoilt for choice! I would definitely recommend these and I should hopefully have some eye looks coming soon!

♡ Helen E Fixing Gel;
I got roped into buying this one but I’m so glad I did as it works so well with the glitter pigments and a little goes such a long way so I can’t imagine this to run out anytime soon. It looks like a clear lip gloss but it’s in-fact the most long lasting glue that I’ve ever used! I apply it with the applicator directly to my eye and lightly dab it on and give it a second to dry. And then I dab my brush onto the wand so it picks up some gel and then use this to apply the glitter and it works like a dream! The glue is so lightweight and you can’t tell that you’re wearing it at all. This is my first ever glue that I’ve tried however I don’t think I’d ever re-purchase a different one as this is so so good even if another one was cheaper, I know I’ll be running back to this!
I usually retails for £10 however I got it for £5 which is even better but I would still say it’s definitely worth buying for £10 if you’re looking for a fixing gel as it does the job perfectly.

♡ MAC Liptensity Lipstick ‘Burnt Violet’;
You may be thinking this product is a weird one for the girl who lives in the same nude lippie however like I mentioned in my Day Out post, I got this in a goody bag and with my luck I got the shade I’ll never wear! However I really wanted to mention this as although the shade does not suit me at all, I love the formula of this lipstick. It’s super pigmented and so creamy and comfortable to wear. It feels more moisturising and hydrating on the lips then the usual MAC lipsticks and is definitely so much more pigmented and long lasting. My sister has the shade ‘Doe’ which is the perfect nude so I’d definitely recommend that one if you’re a lover of nude shades like me!
I also love the packaging of the coloured lid as it looks slick and if you have lots of lipsticks, it makes it really easy to find the right shade! 

♡ OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle In Shower Oil;
I’m normally super basic with my hair so I’ve never really tired oils on my hair however I’ve been loving this new product of mine. It’s the OGX In Shower Oil which helps to repair hair and giving hydration and strengthening your hair which can help any hair type. 
What I love about this oil is that there is multiple ways you can use it. You can apply it before shampoo or add it to shampoo/conditioner before applying or apply it to damp hair after showering as well as you can apply it to your body. I’ve recently been using it by adding it to my conditioner which I think it definitely makes my hair smoother and I feel after continuously using it regularly it will strengthen my hair and I’ll be able to see a big improvement! 

♡ Espa Hydrating Floral Sprtizer

My sister kindly have me this product the other week as she’d only used it once and it didn’t suit her skin as it broke her out however I thought I’d give it a go as I will do anything to get more hydration to my skin. (Also if anyone has any good products that reduce texture on your skin then please help your girl out, leave recommendations in the comments if you have any!!) But I’ve been really liking this product so far. It’s super refreshing and awakening and I definitely do feel like my skin is hydrated after I use it. It also has a lavender scent to it which is subtle so feels relaxing and natural. 
However I don’t really like how it sprays, it doesn’t spray like a fine mist which I prefer, it’s more of a direct spritz so I have to hold it a full arms length away for it to go onto my face as a mist. And it also says to wipe away with cotton wool after applied which I don’t really like as I feel like I’m wiping it and all my moisturiser away. However sometimes if I spray it far enough away then I don’t have to but I think I mostly need to get used to it as I’m so used to my holy grail from Superdrug.

What’s a newbie in your makeup bag?
Kate Xx

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