Soul Tree Colour Kajals Eyeliner and Eyeshadow
Soul Tree Colour Kajals Eyeliner and Eyeshadow
Soul Tree Colour Kajals 24 Carat and Purple Haze
Soul Tree Colour Kajals Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

I’m was super excited to kindly receive these Colour Kajals from Soul Tree* as they’re a kajal pencil/stick which are perfect to use for eyeliner but can also be doubled up to be used as eyeshadow which I love as I can be quite lazy when it comes to my makeup so having a two-in-one product is so useful.
There are 12 shades available in this range which all have the same creamy formula and contain organic ingredients. They have a range of colours which go from jet blacks to bright blues and greens which I think is something you can’t always find in stores and I think the brighter shades would be perfect for festivals or bright makeup looks. They all retail for £13.90 each which I think is a really good price for what you’re getting, as they work so well on the eye but are also such good quality.

The formula of them is super creamy and soothing which is feels so good on the eye. The kajals have organic ghee (butter) and almond oil which makes it so smooth and creamy and keep your eyes moisturised. They’re also so pigmented and don’t even need to be builded up as with one swipe you get the perfect pigmentation. I find it hard to find products that are pigmented and work well whilst still being environmentally good and feeling good on the face but these kajals seem to tick every box!

I feel like these would be perfect for travelling as the packaging is thin and with them being a two-in-one product, they’re super practical and you get so much product so they wouldn’t be running out quickly! They’d be perfect for festivals as well as I find that they wipe off really easy and come off in one so are perfect for whizzing your makeup off.
What I love about them as well is that they are natural, organic and cruelty free as well as they’re all handmade which I think makes the product 10x better! You feel good for wearing and buying it as you know it’s a good product for the environment.

Soul Tree Colour Kajals Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

Shades & Swatches;

The first shade I got was 24 Carat ‘010‘ which is a dark yellow shade with a golden shimmer tone. I love using this on the centre of my lid or in the inner corner as it opens up my eye so well and is so easy to blend. I use it by applying it straight onto by eye (after adding a shade to my crease) to the areas I want it and then using a flat eyeshadow brush to fully blend it all out. This is a shade I could wear everyday as it’s brightening and opens up my eye whilst suiting this season so well.

The second shade I got was Purple Haze ‘008’ which is a much darker shade compared to the golden yellow but I love the dark shimmery purple shade of this which has a hint of a maroon tone. This also looks stunning on the lid but I would say it’s more suited for winter so I know I’ll be using it so much in the winter months. However at the moment, I’ve been loving wearing this on my upper and lower lash line and I apply it directly and it takes only seconds to apply because of the pointed nib! The product glides on so smoothly and I find to so easy to apply. I definitely think I’m going to create a festival look with this and use it on my lower lash line with glitter as it will look stunning!

Soul Tree Colour Kajals Eyeliner and Eyeshadow Swatches

Overall I love these and I know I’ll definitely be using them a lot as they’re so easy to wear and leave my eye so moisturised.

Kate Xx
*I was kindly sent these products to review but my review is my honest opinion

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