Favourite Highlighters From The Drugstore

After doing two posts on my favourite blushers and bronzers, it only felt right to do a post on my favourite highlighters! I love highlighter, I think it’s the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look, whether it’s a blinding highlight or a subtle glow I think highlighter is a necessity.
There are so many gorgeous highlights to buy from the drugstore and I feel like there is always so many new highlighters to try so I definitely want to try out some more but from the ones I own, these three have to be my favourites!

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer;

I’m sure none of you will be surprised to see this as it’s such a raved about product and I completely know why as this highlights overall performance is insane! The highlighter is warm champagne shade which is perfect for my skin tone and although it’s super pigmented, it gives the perfect light glow. I find that it’s very build-able as well which is perfect to use as a light sheen for everyday or built up to give a more of an intense glow for a more glam look. This highlighter is so easy to use as well, it’s the one I always reach for because it suits any makeup look and is perfect for any day. Also I love this as the highlighter doesn’t have flecks of glitter in so gives a super silky sheen.

This is from the more expensive side of the drugstore as it’s £19 from Superdrug however it’s such high quality and is lasting me for ages so I would definitely recommend this! When I bought it, I was slightly regretting my purchase as I thought it was pricey but after using it I’m so glad I bought it as it’s stunning and will always be my top favourite.

E.L.F Shimmer With Brush ‘Gold’;

This has been my favourite highlighter at the moment, it’s absolutely gorgeous and the pigmentation of it, is out of this world! It was a really cheap highlighter (sure I bought it for 40p reduced from £2 ?!) and I really didn’t have very high expectations for it but it’s absolutely stunning and I would highly recommend it! It blends like a dream and is so build-able which makes it such an intense highlight but still does look natural. I apply it with my fan brush and it gives the gorgeous radiant glow that is noticeable as I find some highlighters can be so pigmented but never tend to show up.
It’s shade is called ‘Gold’ online but I would say it’s more a pearly yellow toned highlight, (but obviously not a Simpson yellow shade). This suits me skin tone so well and I’ve been using it constantly at the moment and it always amazes me when I think of how good it is for the price.

The packaging isn’t amazing and it does look quite cheap and the brush it comes with isn’t one to use but the packaging doesn’t seem to break and does have a small mirror in which is pretty cool and for such a bargain, I can’t complain!

Collection Speedy Highlighter ’01 Pearl Sheen’;

A different style of highlighter to all my others but I love the concept of this highlighter from Collection. I love applying this as it takes only seconds to swipe onto the skin without disturbing any other makeup underneath and only requires a little amount of blending. Applying it in the stick form gives it the optimum pigmentation and can give a more precise look and I like how it apply’s directly onto the skin as it’s so creamy and silky smooth. 

It’s shade name is the perfect description for it, it’s a subtle pearl sheen which I think is suited so well for everyday use as it’s super natural but still visible. It’s perfect for more simple makeup looks as you can see from the swatch below, it is quite subtle and does blend to give a light pearly sheen. Also this is only £3.99 which is makes it such a good buy and you get so much product as well so I would definitely re-purchase this if it ever ran out!

Swatches (top to bottom) ;
The Balm Mary Lou
E.L.F Shimmer Brick
Collection Speedy Highlight

Whats one of your favourite highlighters from the drugstore?
Kate Xx

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